Major Events in American History in the 21st Century

2000- AOL Purchases Time Warner 2000
2000- USS Cole Attacked  
2000-Hilary Clinton Elected to Senate  
2000-George W Bush Elected President  
2001- Large Tax Cut Passed 2001
2001-9/11Attack on New York and Washington  
2001-U.S. and Great Britain Attack Afghanistan  
2001- Anthrax Attacks U.S.  
2001-Enron Bankruptcy  
2002-Congress Authorizes Force Against Iraq 2002
2002- United Airlines Files For Bankruptcy  
2003- Shuttle Explodes on Reentry 2003
2003- U.S. Invades Iraq  
2003- Blackout in Northeast  
2004-Abu Gharib Prison Abuse 2004
2004- 9/11 Commission  
2004- President Bush Reelected  
2005 Hispanic Mayor of Los Angeles 2005
2005- Hurricane Katrina Devestates Gulf Coast  
2006- Hamadan vs Rumsfeld 2006
2007- iPhone Introduced 2007
2007- Virginia Tech Shooting  
2008 Barak Obama to be Democratic Candidate 2008
2008 Lehman Brothers Declares Bankruptcy  
2008 Barak Obam Wins the Presidency  
2009- Barak Obama Inaugurated President 2009
2009- General Motors Declares Bankruptcy  
2009-President Obama Announces Troop Surge  
2010 Affordable Care Act Passed  
2010 Elana Kagan Fourth Female Justice 2010
2010 US Combat Mission Ends in Iraq  
2011 Osama Bin Laden Killed by US Forces  
2012 Hurricane Sandy  
2012 Obama Reelected  
2013 Boston Marathon Bombing  
2014 Janet Yellen to Head Federal Reserve  
2015 Charleston Church Shooting  
2015 Supreme Court - Same Sex Marriage  
2016-Donald Trump Elected  
2017- FBI Director Fired  
2018- Trump Leaves Iran Nuclear Accord  
2018-Contentious G7 Meeting  
2018-US North Korean Summit  
2018-12 Russian GRU Officers Indicted  
2018-Trump Putin Meet in Helesinki  
2018-Cohen and Manafort Guilty  
2018-Only 30,000 Refugees to be admitted in 2017  
2018-Trump Addresses UN  
2018-Brett Kavanaugh Confirmed to the Supreme Court  
2018-Massacre at Synagogue in Pittsburgh  
2018-Midterm Elections  
2018-Mattis Resigns After Trump Announcement on Syria  
2019-Nancy Pelosi Speaker  
2019-Government Shut Down Ends after 35 Days  
2019-Mueller Report Released on Trump and Russia