World War I

It was suppose to be the war to end all wars. Instead millions died and instead of a war that brought about peace, it was a war that merely set the stage for the next even more deadly war: World War II

Major Events




The Causes

The Causes of World War I


Germany Invades Belgium

The Germans began the war by attacking Belgium


Russia Invades Prussia

Russia hoped to achieve a great victory


Battle of Mons

The Germans were stopped at this battle

August 30, 1914

Battle of Galicia

The Russians defeated the Austrians

September 1914

First Battle of Marne

A successful counterattack stopped the German advance

October-November 1914

First Battle of Yipres

Many soldiers died but the lines hardly changed

January 1915

First Zepplin Attacks on England

They were never more than a nuisance but it was a good psychological weapon

February 1915

Gallipoli Campaign Begins

The Allies failed totally in this campaign

April 1915

Second Battle of Ypres

Thousands died and very little changed

May 1915

Lusitania Sunk

The Sinking of the Lusitania turned public opinion in the US against Germany

September 1915

Vilnius Falls to Germans

The German succeeded in a major offensive

September 1915

Third Battle of Artois

A failed Allied offensive against the Germans


Battle of Verdun

A major German offensive was stopped at tremendous cost

May 1916

Battle of Jutland Island

A tactical victory but strategic defeat for the German Navy

July 1917

Battle of Somme

Major British offensive using gas for the first time

April 1917

US Declares War on Germany

This bill regulated the railroads for the first time

November 1917-

Battle of Cambrai

British used tanks in this battle for the first time


Allenby Captures Jerusalem

This was at the end of a long campaign against the Ottomans

March 1918

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

The Russians bowed out of the war with this agreement

July 1918

Battle of Marne

The last offensive of the Germans in the war-it failed


Battle of Saint Mihiel

The first major battle that American troops led

September 1918

Battle of Argonne Forest

The last major offensive by the Allies showed the German could not stop them

November 1918

War Ends

The end came quickly