October 2003 in Iraq
US Casualties

October 2- October got off to a bad start when three Americans were killed in its first 24 hours

October 10th A suicide bomber inside a white Oldsmobile station wagon blew up inside a police compound in Baghdad. Eight people were killed and another 40 wounded.
October 12th The Baghdad hotel in downtown Baghdad was struck by a large car bom. The bomb stick at 12:50 PM and killed six Iraqi security guards and wounded another 35 people.
October 14th The US announced that 9 soldiers had died in Iraq in the previous week. This underscored how dangerous Iraq had become. Announcement
October 27th Suicide bombers simultaneously attacked five buildings in different parts of Baghdad. The attacks took place on the first day of the Muslim holy period of Ramadan. The attacks were against the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross and against four Iraqi police stations. An attack on a fifth police station failed when the driver was shot. 34 were killed in the attacks.
October 29th Six civilians were killed by US soldiers after a bomb exploded by their convoy on the main road to Falluja. The soldiers fired on a minivan carrying Iraqi civilians