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This is Historycentral's Teachers Resource Center. Our goal is to provide resources including lesson plans, teachers guides .


We have created two new sections one is News that will be history. This is a section where we write up events in today's news that we believe will be written up in the history books.


The second section provides in depth background to major issues in the news. That section will be increased in the coming weeks and months.



Five of the Biggest Innovations in the History of Education

History Teaching Resources: Making Learning More Fun

Posters for a History Class: A Brief Guide for Teachers

The Importance of Storyboards in Storytelling for Children

The Benefits of Children Learning a Second Language


History Games


Why Children Ought to be Taught the Bad side of American History Too



Multieducator History Apps for the iPad
The perfect Apps for learning about history. These App's include Multimedia Presentations, documents and easily exported photos and drawings. These Apps's can be assigned to students for independent learning. They are also perfect for the home schoolers
Teacher Resources for Period in American History
The Explorers
The Colonies
The Revolutionay War
The New Nation
Multimedia and History by Marc Schulman
A presentation given by Marc Schulman at EdTech at Harvard Medical School November 8th 2012