World History of the 20th Century Select a Period




A year by year listing of Noble Prizes, Oscars, Sports Championships and much more

Poco Europe

All of the major events that occurred in Europe from the First Russian Revolution to the Ukraine War


From the Boxer Rebellion to the Taliban Victory in Asia all the major events in Asian History are presented

Wars Africa

From the age of Colonialism to through the age of Indendence the major events of the last decades here is where you can learn about the Africa in the 20th Century

Elections United States

Many call the 20th century the American century- Here is where you can learn the details

South America

The major events that took place in South America during the 20th century..

Middle East

1865-1899 After the Civil War the US began a period of rapid growth. Cities grew and American Industry grew with them

TR World War I

Millions died in the fields of Europe sometimes while fighting over a few disputed yards. Learn about the major battles and events in this the first major war of the century.

World War II

War came to Europe in 1939, but it did not arrive on American shores until December 7th 1941

Postwar Technology

From aircraft to Medical Techonologies it was a century of great advances. .

BerlinWall Documents

One Hundred important documents from the Versaille Agreement to the Oslo Accords

Reagan Statistics

Population graphs and other important statistics of the 20th century