The Holocaust


The Holocaust was a unique event in world history, the systematic and industrial attempt to destroy a group of people based on their religious nationality. Hitler's obsession with killing the Jews of Europe drove many of his policies and while he was ultimately not successful in killing all the Jews of Europe, Six Million Jews were killed in the lands that he conquered. The following are the major events from the time of the invasion of Poland until the final end of the Third Reich. They are only the major events and the full story of the holocaust deserves a more in depth examination. The video below is an eight minute summary of the major events in the history of the holocaust.



September-1939 February 1940
First Actions Against the Jews of Poland

January 23, 1942
Treblinka Begins Gassing Operations

November 15, 1940
Warsaw Ghetto Sealed

April - May 1943
Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

July 1941

October 1943
Revolt in Sobibor

September 29th-30th 1941
Babi Yar

May 15, 1944
Hungarian Jews Deported to Auschwitz

Janaury 20th,1942
Wansee Conference

January 27, 1945
Auschwitz Liberated

March 1, 1942
Auschwitz Birkenau Opened

APRIL 11, 1945
US Forces Liberate the Buchenwald Camp