S-29 SS-134





(SS-134: dp. 854 (surf.), 1,062 (subm.); 1. 219'3"; b. 20'8"; dr. 15'11"; s. 14.5 k. (surf.), 11 k. (subm.);cpl. 42; a. 4 21" tt., 1 4"; cl. S-1)

S-29 (SS-134) was laid down on 17 April 1919 by the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Quincy, Mass.; launched on 9 November 1922, sponsored by Mrs. Ronan C. Grady; and commissioned on 22 May 1924, Lt. James P. Conover, Jr., in command.

After duties in the U.S. northeast area operating from New London, Conn., in 1924, S-29 visited Hawaii from 27 April to 30 May 1925. Operating mainly from Mare Island, San Diego, and San Pedro into 1931, S-29 visited Hawaii in the summers of 1927, 1928, and 1930. She also served in the Panama Canal area from February into March 1926, and during February 1929. Sailing from Mare Island on 14 February 1931, she arrived at Pearl Harbor on the 23rd. From then into 1939, S-29 operated at Pearl Harbor. Departing from there on 16 June 1939, S-29 returned to New London on 23 August.

Following duty in the U.S. northeast area and also at Key West from December 1940 into May 1941, S-29 served in the Panama Canal area from late December into March 1942. Returning to New London on 1 April, S-29 decommissioned there on 5 June 1942, and was transferred on that date to the United Kingdom in whose navy she became HMS P. 556. Returned to the U.S. Navy on 26 January 1946, S-29 was struck from the Navy list that year and sold on 24 January 1947 to H. G. Pound, Great Britain, for scrapping.