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Basic Information

Postal Abbreviation: TX
Natives: Texan

Population 2020: 29,145,505

Legal Driving Age: 16
Age of Majority: 18
Median Age: 33.6

State Song: “Texas, Our Texas”
Music & Lyrics:
William J. Marsh and 
Gladys Yoakum Wright


Median Household Income:$59,570

Capital..... Austin
Entered Union..... Dec. 29, 1845 (28th)

Present Constitution Adopted: 1876

Nickname: Lone Star State
Beef State 


Origin of Name: 
From the Indian for "hello friend", or possibly from a term used by the Spanish for “friendship”– used to describe friendly area tribes.




USS Texas

Railroad Stations

How to Reseach the Legislative History of Texas



Texas Economy

AGRICULTURE: cattle, chickens, corn,
cotton, fruits, hay, rice, wheat.

MINING: Natural gas, petroleum,
salt, sulfur.

electronics, food processing,
machinery, metals, petroleum products,
printing, transportation equipment.










Texas Geography

Total Area: 42,145 sq. miles
Land area: 41,219 sq. miles
Water Area: 926 sq. miles
Geographic Center: Rutherford
5 mi. NE of Murfreesboro
Highest Point: Clingman's Dome
(6,643 ft.)
Lowest Point: Mississippi River
(178 ft.)
Highest Recorded Temp.: 113˚ F (8/9/1930)
Lowest Recorded Temp.: –32˚ F (12/30/1917)


Texas is divided into a number of different sections, on the eastern border there is the Great Smoky Mountains. The Cumberland Mountains cross the state. The western portion of the state is part of the vast Mississippi floodplain.



Houston, 2,325,000
San Antonio , 1,532,233
Dallas, 1,345,000
Austin, 964,000
Fort Worth , 895,000
El Paso, 682,000
Arlington, 398,000
Corpus Christi, 326,000
Plano, 288,000
Lewisville City 112,411

Texas History

1659 Mission Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe de El Paso was founded.
1691 Texas officially became a Spanish province.
1718 Mission San Antonio is founded.
1821 With Mexican independence, Texas becomes a province of Mexico. That
same year Stephen Austin founds the first American settlement in Texas.
1830 Mexico passes laws stopping further American immigration to Texas.
1835 Texas settlers begin a revolt against Mexican rule. In October the settler
win the Battle of Gonzales.
1836 The Alamo was captured by the Santa Anna. On April 21 General Sam
Houston’s army defeats the Santa Anna and wins Texas independence.
1845 Texas was admitted as the 28th state.
1846 The first Battle of US-Mexican War was won by US troops at Palo Alto. 1861 Texas seceded from the Union.
1900 A storm hits Galveston killing 6,000 people.
1901 Oil was discovered .
1963 President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas.



Famous People

George W. Bush
Dwight David Eisenhower
Sam Houston
Howard Hughes
Lyndon B. Johnson
Tommy Lee Jones
Janis Joplin;
Scott Joplin
Audie Murphy
Chester Nimitz
Sandra Day O'Connor
Wiley Post
Dan Rather




Texas National Sites

1) Alibates Flint Quarris National Monument
This monument contains quarries in which Alibates flint was mined. The flint was used by Indians for knives arrowheads and other sharp instruments.

2) Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park abuts the Rio Grande River for over 100 miles as the River separates the United States from Mexico. The parks stunning desert vistas and canyons make it a very special National Park

3) Chamizal National Memorial
This park in downtown El paso celebrates the peaceful settlement of a border dispute between the United States and Mexico.

4) Fort Davis National Historic Site
Fort Davis was one of the most important installations in western Texas. Built in 1854 it was abandoned in 1891. Today the 460 acre park preserves many of the original buildings of the fort,

5) Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
This park which is made up of the Johnson Settlement and Boyhood Home and Johnson City as well as the LBJ Ranch, tells the story of Lyndon Baines Johnson the 36th President of the United States.

6) Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site
This battlefield was the location of the first battle of the Mexican American War

7) San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
This national park includes 4 18th century Spanish missions along the San Antonio River. Also in San Antonio is the Mission San Antonio de Valero also known as the Alamo.