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M-1 SS-47
M. J. Scanlon ScStr
M. M. Davis SP-314
M. W. Chapin
Maartensdijk ScStr
Macabi SS-376
Macaw ASR-11
Macdonough TbDD No. 9
Macdonough II DD-331
Macdonough III DD-361
Macdonough IV DLG-8
Macedonian Fr
Macedonian II Fr
Machias PG-5
Machias II PP-53
Machigonne SP-1043
Mack DE-358
MacKenzie Tb No. 17
MacKenzie II No. 175
MacKenzie III DD-614
Mackerel SS-204
Mackerel II SST-1
Mackinac USCG
Mackinac II AVP-13
Mackinaw SwStGbt
MacLeish DD-220
Macomb DD-468
Macon CA-132
Macona No. 3306
Madawaska ScFr
Madawaska II trans
Maddox DD-168
Maddox II DD-622
Maddox III DD-731
Madera APA-244
Madera County LST-905
Madgie ScStGbt
Madison ship
Madison II Sch
Madison III DD-425
Madokawando YT-180
Madrono Str
Magdalena WL No. 687
Magdalena II YFB-54
Maggie SP-1202
Maggie Baker
Magistrate SP-143
Magnet SP-563
Magnet II AM-260
Magnet III YDG-9
Magnolia SwStr
Magnolia II WAGL-231
Magoffin APA-199
Magothy USCG
Magpie AMc-2
Magpie II YMS-400
Magpie III LSIL-994
Mahackemo YTB-223
Mahan DD-102
Mahan II DD-364
Mahan III DLG-11
Mahaska SwStr
Mahaska II YN-36
Mahnomen County LST-912
Mahoa YTB-519
Mahogany YN-18
Mahonese Sch
Mahoning WYT-91
Mahoning County LST-914
Mahopac mon
Mahopac II AT-29
Mahopac III ATA-196
Mail Sch
Maine BB-2/c
Maine II BB-10
Mainstay AM-261
Majaba AG-43
Majestic Sch
Majestic II SP-3061
Major DE-796
Major Wheeler Str
Makah YTB-509
Makassar Strait CVE-91
Makin Island CVE-93
Malabar AF-37
Malanao AG-44
Malang ScStr
Malay SP-735
Malek Adhel brig
Mallard AM-44
Mallard II LCI(L)-963
Malone PC-553
Maloy DE-791
Malvern Str
Malvern II SP-3055
Malvern III IX-138
Malvern IV PC-580
Mamo YT-325
Manada YTB-224
Manasquan AG-36
Manatee SP-51 motor
Manatee II AO-58
Manayunk AN-81
Manchester CL-83
Manchineel AN-54
Manchuria SP-1633
Manhattan moen
Manhattan II cutter No. 30
Manhattan III YTB-779
Manila Sch
Manila Bay CVE-61
Manileno Gbt
Manileno II IX-141
Manistee YT-173
Manistee II YTB-782
Manito II SP-262
Manitowoc PF-61
Manitowoc II LST-1180
Manley TB-23
Manley II DD-74
Manley III DD-940
Manlove DE-36
Manna Hata SP-3396
Mannert L. Abele DD-733
Manning RC
Manning II DE-199
Manokin AOG-60
Mansfield DD-728
Manta Str
Manta II SS-299
Manteo YTM-751
Manuwai YTB-16
Manville PC-581
Manzanita ScStr
Mapiro SS-376
Maple ScStr
Maquinna YT-225
Maquoketa AOG-51
Marabout AMc-50
Maratanza SwStr
Marathon APA-200
Marathon II PGM-89
Marblehead ScGbt
Marblehead II C-11
Marblehead III CL-12
Marcasite PY-28
Marcellus AC
Marchand DE-249
Marcia bark
Marcia II ScStr
Marcus DD-321
Marcus Island CVE-77
Marengo AK-194
Marfa PCE-842
Margaret SP-328
Margaret and Jessie SwStr
Margaret and Rebecca ClBt
Margaret Anderson SP-1203
Margaret Scott ship no. 330
Margin SP-2119
Margo SP-870
Marguerite SP-193
Maria ScTug
Maria A. Wood SchGbt
Maria Denning SwStr
Maria J. Carlton Sch
Mariana ScStr
Marias AO-57
Marica transport
Maricopa ATR-90
Maricopa County LST-938
Marie SP-100
Marie II SP-1260
Marietta Gly
Marietta II monitor
Marietta III PG-15
Marietta IV AN-82
Marigold ScTug
Marigold II ScStr
Marija SP-413
Marin YNT-21
Marin II YNB-735
Marine Adder T-AP-193
Marine Carp T-AP-199
Marine Fiddler AK-267
Marine Lynx T-AP-194
Marine Phoenix T-AP-195
Marine Serpent T-AP-202
Mariner SP-1136
Mariner II StTug
Marinette YTB-791
Marinette County LST-953
Marion SIPW
Marion II WSC-145
Marion County LST-975
Mariveles PG
Mariveles II IX-197
Marjorie M. SP-1080
Mark AG-143
Markab AK-31
Marl IX-160
Marlboro APB-38
Marlin SS-205
Marlin II SST-2
Marmora StwStr
Marne ScStr
Marnell PYc-39
Marold SP-737
Marpessa SP-787
Marquette AKA-M
Mars AC-6
Mars II AR-16
Mars III APS-1
Marsh DE-696
Marshall DD-676
Martha's Vineyard IX-97
Martha Washington ScStr
Martha Washington II DE-30
Martin ScTug
Martinez PC-1244
Martin H. Ray DE-338
Marts DE-174
Marvel AM-262
Marvin H. McIntyre APA-129
Marvin Shields DD-1066
Mary SP-462
Maryland Slp
Maryland II ACR-8
Maryland III BB-46
Mary Louise SP-356
Mary M. SP-3274
Mary Pope SP-291
Mary Sanford ScStr
Marysville PCE(R)-857
Masbate ARG-15
Mascoma AO-83
Mason DD-191
Mason II DE-520
Massachusetts ScGbt
Massachusetts II ScStr
(Passaconaway III)
Massachusetts IV BB-2
Massachusetts V BB-59
Massasoit SwGbt
Massasoit II YT-15
Massasoit III YT-131
Massey DD-778
Mastic AN-46
Mataco AT-86
Matagorda AVP-22
Matanikau CVE-101
Matar AK-119
Matchless Sch
Mathews AKA-96
Matinicus AK-52
Matsonia SP-1589
Mattabesett SwGbt
Mattaponi AO-41
Mattole AO-17
Matthew Vassar Sch
Matunak YTB-548
Mauban Str
Maud SP-1009
Maui SP-1514
Maui II
Maumee ScGbt
Maumee II AO-2
Maumee III T-AO-149
Mauna Kea AE-22
Mauna Loa SP-28
Mauna Loa II AE-8
Maurice J. Manuel DE-351
Maurice River LSM(R)-514
Maury DD-100
Maury II DD-401
Maury III AKA-36
Mauvila YT-328
Mawkaw YT-182
May SP-164
Mayfield PC-1196
Mayfield Victory AK-232
Mayflower ScTug
Mayflower II PY-1
Mayflower III LHT
Maynard PC-780
Mayo DD-422
Mayrant tbDD-31
Mayrant II DD-402
Maysie SP-930
Mazama AE-9
Mazapeta YT-181
McAnn DE-73
McCaffery DD-860
McCall DD-28
McCall II DD-400
McCalla DD-263
McCalla II DD-488
McCawley DD-276
McCawley II AP-10
McClelland DE-750
McCloy DE-1038
McClure ACV-45
McConnell DE-163
McCook DD-252
McCook II DD-496
McCord DD-534
McCormick DD-223
McCoy Reynolds DE-440
McCracken APA-198
McCulloch RC
McDermut DD-262
McDermut II DD-677
McDougal DD-54
McDougal II DD-358
McDougall SP-3717
McFarland DD-237
Medregal SS-480
Melvin DD-335
Melvin II DD-680
Memphis ScStr
Memphis II ScStr
Memphis III
Memphis IV CL-13
Medota SwGbt
Menhaden SS-377
Mercury ketch
Mercy AH-4
Merrimac SwStr
Merrimack ScFr
Metacomet SwStr
Metcalf DD-595
Meteor ship
Meteor II SwGbt
Miami SwStr
Miami II CL-89
Michigan SwStr
Michigan II BB-27
Midnight bark
Midway AG-41
Midway II CVE-63
Midway III CVB-41
Milwaukee monitor
Milwaukee II C-21
Milwaukee III CL-5
Mindoro CVE-120
Mingo StwRam
Mingo II SS-261
Minneapolis C-13
Minneapolis II CA-36
Minnesota II BB-22
Mission Bay CVE-59
Mississippi SwStr
Mississippi II BB-23
Mississippi III BB-41
Missouri Fr
Missouri II SwStr
Missouri III BB-11
Missouri IV BB-63
Mist StwGbt
Mistletoe StGbt
Mobile CL-63
Mobile Swstr
Mobile SCSTR
Moccasin ScTug
Mohican ScSlp
Mohican II ScSlp
Mohongo SwGbt
Monadnock ScStr
Monaghan DD-32
Monaghan II DD-354
Monarch SwStr
Monocay SwGbt
Monocacy II PG-20
Monongahela ScSlp
Monssen DD-436
Monssen II DD-798
Montana ACR-13
Monterey CVL-26
Montgomery II
Montgomery III
Montgomery IV C-3
Montgomery V DD-121
Monticello ScStGbt
Montpelier I Str
Montpeliar II CL-57
Moody DD-277
Moose StwGbt
Moray SS-300
Morning Light
Morris DD-417
Morrison DD-660
Morse SwGbt
Mound City ScStGbt
Mount Vernon Gbt
Munda CVE-104
Muskallunge SS-262
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