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Women of America 1634-2007
1634- Ann Hutchinson Protests
1777- Mary Ludwig Hays, a Hero
1847- Maria Mitchell Discovers a Comet
1849- Elizabeth Blackwell Earns a Medical Degree
1850- First National Women's Convention Held
1865- 25% of Teachers- Women
1868- First Women's Suffrage Bill Intorduced
1874- Minor v. Happersett
1881- Clara Barton Founds Red Cross
1923- First Woman Representative
1928- Women's International League Supports Kellogg-Briand
1931- Hattie Caraway Elected to Senate
1933- Frances Perkins- Secretary of Labor
1941-45- Women Fulfill Key Roles in Economy
1941-45- Women Fulfill Key Non-Combat Roles in Military
1948- Margaret Chase Smith Elected to Senate
1955- Rosa Parks Sparks Protests in South
1963- Equal Pay Amendment Passed
1963- Betty Friedan Writes "The Feminine Mystique"
1965- Griswold v. Connecticut
1966- National Organization of Women Launched
1972- Equal Rights Amendment Passed
1973- Roe v. Wade
1976- Women Admitted into Military Academy
1978- Pregnancy Discrimination Act Passed
1981- Sandra Day O'Connor to Supreme Court
1982- Equal Rights Amendment Fails Ratification
1983- Sally Ride to Space
1984- Geraldine Ferraro Nominated for Vice President
1993- Janet Reno Attorney General
2007- Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House