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America in the Postwar Period
1946 Baruch Plan For Atomic Controls Announced
1947 Truman Doctrine
1947 Marshall Plan Unveiled
1947 Taft-Hartley Act
1947 Yeager Breaks The Sound Barrier
1947 Ten Are Blacklisted In Hollywood
1948 United States Recognizes The State Of Israel
1948 Berlin Airlift
1949 Soviets Detonate Atomic Bomb
1950 Korean War Begins
1950 Truman Announces National Emergency
1951 22nd Amendment Limits Presidency To Two Terms
1951 US Detonates Hydrogen Bomb
1951 UNIVAC, The First Electronic Computer
1952 High Court Rules Truman Seizure of Steel Illegal
1952 New Immigration Quotas Go Into Effect
1953 Rosenbergs Executed For Selling A-Bomb Secrets
1953 Korean War Ends
1954 Nautilus Submarine Launch
1954 McCarthy's Army Hearings1954 McCarthy's Army Hearings
1954 Gunfire on Capital Hill
1954 SEATO Formed
1954 Segregation Found Illegal
1955 First McDonald's Restaurant Opens
1955 Geneva Summit Held
1957 USSR & US Launch ICBMs
1958 Marines Go To Lebanon
1958 Explorer I Launched
1958 707 Service Begun
1959 Alaska Admitted To Union
1959 Kitchen Debate
1959 Hawaii Admitted To Union
1959 St. Lawrence Seaway Opened
1960 U-2 Downed, Summit Fails