History of the Middle East


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History of Israel
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History of the Middle East
1917- Britain Captures Palestine 1970- Black September
1920- Palestine British Mandate 1973-October War
1920- Syria French Mandate 1974- Disengagement Agreement
1921- Faisal Becomes King of Iraq 1975- Civil War in Lebanon
1922- Egypt Given Limited Indp. 1975 King Faisel Assassinated
1923-TransJordan Become Indp 1975-Suez Canal Reopened
1925-Druse Revolt Against French 1977-Sadat Comes to Jerusalem
1929-Rioting in Palestine 1979 Peace Treaty Israel-Egypt
1936-Oil Found in Saudi Arabia 1979-Shah of Iran Ousted
1936-Arab Revolt in Palestine 1979- US Embassy Seized in Iran
1937-Peel Commission 1980- Iran-Iraq War
1939-The White Paper 1981-Israel Destroys Iraq's Reactor
1947- Unrest in Palestine- 1981-Anwar Sadat Assassinated
1947-UN Votes for partition 1982- Israel Invades Lebanon
1948-State of Israel Declared 1982- Sabra and Shatilla
1951-King Abudullah Assassinated 1983- US Peacekeeper Killed
1952- King Farouk Abdicates 1986-US Planes Attack Tripoli
1953- Mossadegh Ousted in Iran 1987- USS Stark Hit by Iraq
1956- Suez Campaign 1988-Iranian Plane Downed by US
1958-Egypt and Syria Found UAR 1990-1991- Gulf War
1958- US Troops Land in Lebanon 1993-Israel PLO Agreement
1959- Algerian Independence Vote 1995- Rabin Assassinated
1961-Kuwait Gains Independence  1996- Terror Hits Israel
1962- Israel Finds Eichmann Guilty 1997- Saudi Barracks Bombed
1962-Algeria Independent 1999- Barak Elected Israel Prime Minister
1967- Six Day War 2001- Second Intifadah Breaks OUt
1969-1970-War of Attrition 2005- Israel withdraws from Gaza
2011- Mubarak Resigns