Manila Captured

Manila 1899

After Dewey's victory at Manila Bay, he did not have the ability to capture the city. He requested troops from the United States. While he waited he helped arm the Philippine guerillas led by Emilio Aguinaldo. Aguinaldo was successful in arming large number of Filipinos. They forced the Spanish to withdraw to Manila. By the time American troops arrived the Filipino guerillas were ready to capture the city and had declared their independence. When the Americans arrived they asked the Filipinos to allow them to take their place and capture the city. They agreed, and the Spanish surrendered to the Americans after a brief fight to satisfy their honor. The war with Spain was over. However the Filipinos were betrayed, instead of granting them independence the United States wanted to annex the Philippines. For the next four years the United States fought a war with the Filipinos who want to achieve independence.