Sioux I YT-19


Sioux I

(YT-19: dp. 155; 1. 84~6~', b. 19'0"; dph. 9'0"; dr. 8'0"
(mean); s. 10 k., a. 2 1-pdrs., 1 mg.)

Sioux—an iron-hulled tug built as P. H. Wise at Philadelphia in 1892 by Neafie and Levy—was purchased by the Navy on 25 March 1898. Acquired for the impending war with Spain, the tug was assigned to the Atlantic station and operated at the Norfolk Navy Yard. In 1901, she moved north for duty at the Portsmouth (N.H.) Navy Yard; and, in 1907, she was transferred to the Boston Navy Yard. She was renamed Nyack on 20 February 1918, and she was sold at Boston on 18 July 1921 to William S. Nolan.