Shirin SP-915



(SP-915: t. 59; 1. 110'; b. 15'; dr. 4'; s. 13.5 k.; cpl. 9;
a. 2 3-pdrs., 2 mg.)

Shirin (SP-915), a motor boat built in 1896 by the Gas Engine and Power Co., Morris Heights, N.Y., was acquired by the Navy on 23 May 1917 from her owner, S. T. Rhea, Jr., of New Orleans, and commissioned on 2 June 1917. Shirin carried out patrol duties at New Orleans and in the vicinity of Pensacola, Fla., until she was decommissioned at New Orleans on 18 December 1918. She was sold on 29 June 1921 to Stewart McDonald, St. Louis, Mo.