Samoset II SP-2000


Samoset II

(SP-2000: t. 294; 1. 107'6"; b. 23'; dr. 3'9" (mean); s. 7 k.)

The second Samoset was built during 1905 at Camden, N.J., as the coastal passenger and freight vessel, Annie L. Vansciver and delivered to the United States Navy on 20 March 1918 by her owner, the Maine Central R. R. Co. Assigned to the 1st Naval District and renamed Samoset, she averaged four ferry trips daily from the Boston Navy Yard to Deer and Bumkin Islands.

Retained in service after the end of World War I, Samoset was transferred to the New York Navy Yard for local duty within the 3d Naval District. Placed out of service at New York on 24 March 1922, Samoset was sold on 16 June 1922 and struck from the Navy list the same day. Returning to mercantile service under her original name, she disappeared from mercantile registers in 1934.

Samoset (MC hull 516) was assigned the Navy name Chiwawa (AO-68) (q.v.) on 16 September 1942.