Syncline YO-63



(YO-63: dp. 1,731; 1. 235'; b. 37'; cl. Bullwheel)

Syncline (YO - 3) was laid down in 1942 by the R. T. C. Shipbuilding Coru., Camden, N.J., launched on 1 March 1943; acquired by the Navy and placed in service on 25 June 1943.

Syncline-a self-propelled fuel oil barge-operated along the east coast until early 1944 when she was towed to North Africa for duty. From 1 May 1944 to March 1946, she shuttled fuel between Corsica, Sardinia, Algeria, Italy, and France. On 16 March 1945, the barge was leased to France. She was sold to the French government by the United States State Department on 21 March 1949 and served that country as Lac Tchad (A-631).

Syncline was struck from the Navy list on 21 March 1949.