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Shawnee Trail AO-142


Shawnee Trail

(AO-142: dp. 5,730; 1. 524'; b. 68'; dr. 31'; s. 15 k.; cpl. 52; a. none; cl. Suamico; T. T2-SE-A1)

Shawnee Trail (AO-142) was laid down as MC hull

1928 for the United States Maritime Commission on 18 April 1944 by Kaiser Co. Inc., Portland, Oreg., launched on 31 May 1944; delivered to the War Shipping Administration on 28 June 1944 and lend leased to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. She was returned to the Maritime Commission in March 1948; acquired by the Navy and classified AO-142 on 25 May 1948 and operated in a non-commissioned status by a civilian company under contract with the Navy. On 1 October 1949, she was assigned to the Military Sea Transportation Service and continued operations with a civilian crew.

On 1 November 1957, Shawnee Trail was permanently assigned to the Maritime Administration and struck from the Navy list the same day. She was reacquired on 20 January 1965 and served with MSTS until 24 February 1972 when she was again permanently assigned to MARAD and laid up in the James River. Shawnee Trail was sold to Union Minerals & Alloys Corp., New York, on 10 August 1973 for scrapping.