Sands II AGOR-6


Sands II

(AGOR-6: dp. 1,362 (f.); 1. 209'; b. 40'; dr. 15'; s.13 k.; cpl. 26; cl. Sands)

The second Sands (AGOR-6) was laid down on 23 August 1962 by the Marietta Manufacturing Co., Point Pleasant, W. Va., launched on 14 September 1968 sponsored by Miss Priscilla G. Sands; and accepted by the Navy and placed in service under Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) control on 2 February 1965, Capt. George W. Fladerer, Master.

Manned by a Civil Service crew, the United States Naval Ship Sands was operated in the Atlantic by the Military Sealift Command (formerly MSTS) for the Naval Oceanographic Office. Until being placed out of service, in reserve, in April 1973, Sands performed oceanographic and marine geophysical research and conducted experiments in underwater sound propagation.