Pioneer Valley AO-140


Pioneer Valley

(AO-140: dp. 21,880 (f), 1. 524'; b. 68', dr. 30' s. 16 k.cpl. 52; a. none; cl. Suamico; T. T2-SE-Ai)

Pioneer Valley, built as MC hull 1947 for U.S. Maritime Commission by Kaiser Corporation, Portland Ore., was laid

down 27 July 1944; launched 6 September, sponsored by Mrs. Charles R. Clason, and delivered 4 October lD44 to the Soviet Union as part of the lend-lease Program. Serving in the Russian maritime service as the Krasnaia Armia, the oiler was returned to American custody at Hong Kong 26 February 1948. The ship was delivered to the U.S. Navy 30 April 1948, and was assigned to the Naval Transportation Service. With the formation of MSTS, control of the tanker passed to that command 1 October 1949.

The oiler was placed in the MARAD Reserve Fleet, Mobile 18 March 1960 and remained inactive until 13 November 1961 when it was placed back in service with MSTS. At present Pioneer Valley is operated by Marine Transport I,ines under contract with MSTS, providing fuel to US and Allied Forces in the Atlantic and Mediterranean.