< Parkersburg AO-163

Parkersburg AO-163



(AO-163: dp. 21,880; 1. 503', b. 68'; dr. 39'3"; cl. Suamico
T. T2-SE-A1)

Parker~burg (AO-163) was laid down 30 December 1943 as MC hull 1731 by Sun SB & DD Co., Chester, Pa., Iaunched 12 April 1944; sponsored by Mrs. Anne L. Curry; and acquired by the War Shipping Administration.

Under WSA the vessel was named Fort Cornwallis and operated by Speneer Kellogg J: Sons, Ine. until she was purchased in the late 1940's by the Standard Oil Co. (N.J.), New York, N.Y. and renamed E&eo Parkeriburg.

Esso Parkersburg was activated by the Maritime Administratmn and transferred to the tJ.S. Navy for service in the Military Sea Transportation Service and designated USNS Parkereburg (T-AO-163) on 28 November 1956.

Parkersburg was operated for MSTS by Marine Transport Lines Ine. She subsequently transferred to MARAD 27 September 1957 and was struck from the Naval Vessel Register the same day.

Parkersburg remained laid up with the James River Maritime Reserve Fleet until purchased in 1967 by the Marine Chemical Carriers Corp., which had the vessel "jumboized" and converted for use as a liquid chemical carrier. Upon completion of her conversion, she was renamed Marine Eagle and serves in this capacity into 1970.