Yukon II AO-152


Yukon II

(AO-152: dp. 32,953 (f.); 1. 620'; b. 83.5'; dr. 32'; a.
18.9 k.; cpl. 44; cl. Maumee; T. T5-S-12a)

The second Yukon (AO-152) was laid down on 16 May 1955 at Pascagoula, Miss., by the Ingalls Shipbuilding Corp.; launched on 16 March 1956; sponsored by Mrs. John P. Womble, Jr., and placed in service with the Military Sea Transportation Service in May of 1957.

Since then, Yukon has been operated by a civilian crew on a contract basis with the Military Sea Transportation Service (now the Military Sealift Command). In so doing, she has carried petroleum products from gulf coast ports and such oil-producing areas as Venezuela and the Persian Gulf to American military bases throughout the world. Those operations have taken her into every ocean and many seas. As of 1979, she continued to operate with the Military Sealift Command carrying oil to American installations abroad.