(Fr.: t. 1,580; cpl. 500; a. 130 long 32-pars., 2 long
24-pdrs., 26 42-pdr. car.)

The first Superior—a frigate built in 1814 at Sackett's Harbor, N.Y., by Henry Eckford—was laid down in February 1814 and launched on 2 May of the same year.

Built for service in Commodore Isaac Chauncey's squadron on Lake Ontario, Superior was commanded by Lt. John H. Elton. She joined the squadron in late July off the English base at Kingston, Ontario. The frigate operated there through the summer as Chauncey blockaded Kingston, hoping to lure Sir James Yeo's fleet out for a decisive action. Late in September, Superior helped transport General Izzard and some 3 000 troops from Sackett's Harbor to Genesee, N.Y. she returned briefly to Kingston before sailing back to Sackett's Harbor for the winter.

Before warm weather returned, peace ended naval operations on Lake Ontario Superior was laid up at Sackett's Harbor and sold sometime before 1824.