USS Baltimore CA-68


Baltimore V

(CA 68: dp. 13,600; 1. 673'6"; b. 70'10"; dr. 26'10"; s. 33 k.; cpl. 1142; a. 9 8;', 12 5"; cl. Baltimore)

The fifth Baltimore (CA 68) was launched 23 July 1942 by Bethlehem Steel Co., Fore River, Mass.; sponsored by Mrs. Howard W. Jackson wife of' the Mayor of Baltimore; commissioned 16 April 1943, Captain W. C. Calhoun in command; and reported to the Pacific Fleet.

Between November 1948 and June 1944 Baltimore was a unit of the fire support and covering forces at the Makin Islands landings (20 November ~ December 1948); Kwajalein invasion (29 January-8 February 1944); Truk raid (16 17 February); Eniwetok seizure (17 February-2 March), Marianas attacks (21-22 February); Palau and-Ulithi-Woleni raid (30 March-1 April), Hollandia landing (21-24 April); Truk-Satawan-Ponape raid (29 April-1 May); air strikes against Marcus Island (19-20 May) and Wake Island (23 May); Saipan invasion (11-24 June); and the Battle of the Philippine Sea (19-20 June).

Returning to the United States in July 1944, she embarked President Roosevelt and his party and steamed to Pearl Harbor. After meeting with Admiral Nimitz and General MacArthur, the President was carried to Alaska where he departed Baltimore 9 August 1944.

Returning to the war zone in November 1944, she was assigned to the 3rd Fleet and participated in the attacks on Luzon (1(14-16 December 1944; and 6 7 January 1945); Formosa (34, 9, 15, and 21 January); the China coast (12 and 16 January), and Okinawa (22 January).

On 26 January she joined the 5th Fleet for her final operations of the war: Honshu Island attacks (16-17 February); Iwo Jima operation (19 February-5 March); and the 5th Fleet raids in support of the Okinawa operation (18 March 10 June).

After the cessation of hostilities Baltimore served as a unit of the "Magic Carpet" fleet and When as a part of the naval occupation force in Japan (29 November 194517 February 1946). Departing the Far E:st 17 February 1946 she returned to the United States and went out of
commission in reserve 8 July 1946 at Bremerton, Wash. Baltimore was recommissioned 28 November 1951 and assigned to the Atlantic Fleet. She was deployed with the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean during the summers of 1952, 1953, and 1954. In June l953 she represented the United States Navy in the Coronation Naval Review at Spithead, England. On 5 January 1955 she was transferred to the Pacific Fleet and was deployed with the 7th Fleet in the Far East between February and August.

Baltimore commenced preinactivation overhaul upon her return from the Far East and went out of commission in reserve at Bremerton, Wash., 31 May 1956.

Baltimore received nine battle stars for her service in the Pacific during World War II.