Shahaska YTB-533



(YTB-533: dp. 325; 1. 100'0"; b. 25'0"; dr. 9'7"; s.
12 k. (tl.) )

Shahaska—a large harbor tug laid down in August 1944 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp. of Morris Heights, N.Y.—was launched the following December and delivered to the Navy in July 1945.

Shahaska began her naval service assigned to the 3d Naval District at New York. On 13 August 1946, she reported to the 16th Fleet at Green Cove Springs, Fla., for layup with the reserve fleet. Shahaska remained inactive with the Florida Group, Atlantic Reserve Fleet, until 26 September 1950, when she was placed back in service. The tug reported to the Commandant. 6th Naval District at Charleston, S.C., and was redeployed to Green Cove Springs for duty.

Since 1950, Shahaska has continued her Navy career all along the Atlantic seaboard of the United States. She has visited ports in this country and in Canada while performing a variety of duties, though primarily engaged in towing services. In February 1962, Shahaska was redesignated a medium harbor tug, YTM-533. As of July 1974, she is still active in service along the east coast.