Satanta YT-270


(YT-270: dp. 244; 1. 100'; b. 26'; dr. 9'7"; s. 16 k.; cpl.
14; cl. Hiawatha; T. V2-ME-A1)

Satanta (YT-270) was laid down under Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 437) as Port Orchard on 20 April 1942 by Birchfield Boiler, Inc., Tacoma, Wash., launched on 14 July 1942; sponsored by Mrs. Al Eubanks, subsequently transferred to the Navy renamed Satanta and designated YT-270, and delivered and placed in service on 19 May 1943.

Reclassified YTB-270 in May 1944 and YTM-270 in February 1962, Satanta has provided harbor tug Service on the west coast throughout her naval career. Although she initially served in the 11th Naval District, most of her service has been in the 12th. She operates out of Mare Island into 1974.