< Satago YTB-414

Satago YTB-414



(YTB-414: dp. 345 (f.), 1. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 11'; cpl.
8; s. 12 k.; cl. Sassaba)

Satago (YTB-414) was laid down at the U.S. Coast Guard Yard, Curtis Bay, Md., on 29 April 1944; reclassified YTB-414 on 15 May 1944, launched on 14 July 1944, sponsored by Mrs. Vernon E. Day, and delivered to the Navy and placed in service on 27 November 1944.

Satago remained in the Chesapeake Bay area into February 1945 when she sailed south to Panama en route to the Pacific war zone. By the end of May, she was at Ulithi; and, in mid-June, she arrived at Leyte, P.I., to assume harbor tug duties. In October, after World War II had ended, she moved via Okinawa to duty at Shanghai, Sasebo, and Tsingtao. In 1947, she returned to the Philippines and, until after the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, provided harbor tug services at Subic Bay. In January 1951, she departed Luzon and, early the following month, assumed duties at Yokosuka, Japan. Redesignated YTM-414 in February 1962, she has remained in service at Yokosuka into 1974.