Sassaba YTB-364


(YTB-364: dp. 345 (f.); 1. 100'; b. 25'; dr. 11'; cpl. 8;
s. 12 k.; cl. Sassaba)

Sassaba (YTB-364) was laid down on 24 February 1944 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, N.Y.; launched on 22 April 1944; reclassified YTB-364 on 15 May 1944; and delivered to the Navy and placed in service on 22 September 1944.

Assigned to the Submarine Base at New London, Sassaba commenced towing and torpedo recovery services along the Conneeticut and New York coasts in October 1944 and continued that work until after the end of World War II in Europe. In the summer of 1945, she moved south to provide similar services to ships training at or near Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Then, in September, she resumed operations in the Thames River, Fisher's Island, and Block Island Sound areas. Later shifted to the Narragansett Bay area and homeported at Newport, she was redesignated YTM 364 in February 1962 and continues to serve in the 1st Naval District into 1974.