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Waukegan YTM-755

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(YTM-755: dp. 390 (f.); 1. 107'; b. 27', dr. 13'; s. 12 k.
(tl.); cpl. 16; cl. Chicopee)

Waukegan (YTM-755), a medium harbor tug, was acquired by the Navy in September 1964 from the Army for which she had served as LT-1968. Named Waukegan and designated YTM-755, she was assigned to the 10th Naval District at San Juan, Puerto Rico. The tug was based there for her entire 11-year naval career, serving ships in the 10th Naval District. In September 1975, she was placed out of service; and her name was struck from the Navy list. She was subsequently disposed of by sale.