Sea Lift LSV-9


Sea Lift

The transportation of cargo and passengers by sea.

(LSV-9: dp. 16,940; 1. 540'; b. 83'; dr. 24'; s. 20 k.;
cpl. 56; pass. 12)

Sea Lift (LSV-9), a roll-on/roll-off cargo ship, was laid down on 18 May 1964 by the Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Co., Seattle, Wash., launched on 17 April 1965; sponsored by Mrs. Warren G. Magnuson; completed on 25 April 1967, delivered to the Navy's Military Sea Transportation Service (now the Military Sealift Command) and placed in service as USNS Sea Lift (T-LSV-9) on 19 May 1967, Capt. Robert C. Lindquist, Master.

Manned by a civil service crew, Sea Li f t completed her maiden voyage, Oakland to Honolulu, in July; then commenced runs to the Far East with cargo consigned to Vietnam. Since then, into 1975, Sea Lift, redesignated AKR-9 on 14 August 1969, has continued her primary mission, the transportation o:E military vehicles, for the Military Sealift Command in the Pacific.