Sylvia Str



(Str.: dp. 302; 1. 130' (wl.); b. 18'6; dr. 10'; s. 9 k.;
cpl. 35; a. 1 3-par. rf., 3 1-par. rf., 2 mg.)

During the war with Spain, Sylvia—a steam yacht built in 1882 by A. Stephen and Sons, Glasgow, Scotland—was purchased by the Navy on 13 June 1898 and commissioned on 29 June 1898.

Sylvia sailed from New York on 21 July 1898 and proceeded via Norfolk, Va., to Key West, Fla. She remained at Key West from 13 to 17 August and returned to Norfolk on the 25th. She was decommissioned at the Norfolk Navy Yard on 10 December and transferred to the Maryland Naval Militia on 19

December 1898. On 6 December 1907, the ship was reassigned to the Pennsylvania Naval Militia and remained with that organization for six years. On 13 September 1913, Sylvia was reassigned to the Naval Militia, District of Columbia.

On 10 April 1917, shortly after the United States entered World War I, Sylvia was recommissioned and assigned to patrol duty in the 5th Naval District until early 1919. Sylvia was struck from the Navy list on 24 April 1919 and sold on 20 October 1921.