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Spencer ScStr



(ScStr: dp. 400; 1. 160'; b. 24'; dr. 9'3")

Spencer was a screw steamer built in 1843 by the West Point Foundry Company, West Point, N.Y., for the United States Revenue Marine and placed in service on 25 May 1844, Capt. Caleb Currier in command.

In May 1846, Spencer was ordered to the Gulf of Mexico to cooperate with the Army and Navy during the Mexican War. She loaded ammunition and stores at Charleston, S.C., and sailed for the mouth of the Mississippi River on 9 June. However, she returned to Charleston on the 17th as her boilers had become inoperative. She sailed, under canvas, to Philadelphia. Her machinery was removed and sold during December 1847. Spencer proceeded to Norfolk in March 1848 and became a light ship.