South Pole Str


South Pole
(Str.: dp. 8,835 (n.); 1. 335'3"; dph. 28'6", dr.
23'11/2''; s. 11.25 k.; cpl. 89)

South Pole—a refrigerator ship built in Baltimore by the Baltimore Dry Dock and Ship Building Co.— was launched for the United States Shipping Board (USSB) on 17 June 1918, was acquired by the Navy at Baltimore on 30 November 1918, and was commissioned for service in the Naval Overseas Transportation Service on 6 December 1918.

South Pole sailed for New York on 7 December loaded a cargo of general supplies for the Army, and sailed on the 15th in convoy for France. The ship arrived at Verdon on 2 January 1919. After unloading her cargo, she took on Army equipment, sailed on the 20th for home, and arrived at New York on 8 February.

On 10 March, she got underway again with another load of Army supplies and reached St. Nazaire on the 25th. After returning to New York on 30 April, she unloaded Army ordnance supplies. The ship was decommissioned on 12 May and returned to USSB.