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Sagua ScStr



(ScStr.: dp. 6,000; 1. 371'; b. 45'2"; dr. 21'1"; s. 13 k.;
cpl. 116)

Sagua (No. 1627) was built in 1914 by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Newcastle-on Tyne, England and served the Siberia Steamship Corp., Erie Basin Brooklyn, N.Y., before being taken over by the Navy on a bare-boat basis for the Army account on 9 August 1918, and commissioned at New York on 12 August 1918.

Following refitting and refurnishing, the refrigerator ship was assigned to NOTS and sailed in convoy on 17 August for France with a cargo of beef and automobiles, arriving at Rochefort on 3 September. She proceeded on to St. Nazaire where she discharged her cargo; got underway on 14 September for the United States, and returned to New York on the 27th. Eight days later, she was again headed for France with a cargo of beef, arriving at St. Nazaire on the 29th. After 10 more days, she sailed for home, which she reached on 14 November.

Following a period in dry dock, Sagua again loaded

beef; and, on 4 December, stood out from New York for Quiberon and St. Nazaire. Reaching the French coast, she discharged her cargo, loaded Army cargo and sailed New Year's Day 1919 for the United States, arriving at New York on the 15th. A fortnight later, she was off again with a cargo of beef for le Verdon where she unloaded on 13 February. After 10 days, she set course for New York, which she reached on 10 March.

On 31 March, Sagua began her fifth and last voyage to Europe. With a cargo of beef, she reached The Hook of Holland on 5 April, then shifted to Plymouth, England, whence she departed on the 16th, and arrived at New York on the 28th.

Sagua was placed out of commission on 19 May 1919 and simultaneously was returned to the Shipping Board and her original owner.