Sagadahoc Str



(Str.: dp. 13,600 (n.); 1. 435'; b. 54'; dr. 26'6"; a
11 k.; cpl. 70; a. 2 3")

Sagadahoc (No. 3311), a cargo ship built for the USSB in 1918 by the Texas Shipbuilding Co., Bath, Maine, was taken over by the Navy on completion and was commissioned in the Naval Overseas Transportation Service on 9 July 1918.

Operated on the War Department account, Sagadahoc carried munitions, supplies, and vehicles for the American Expeditionary Force during the last months of World War I. After the Armistice, she continued to carry Army cargo between New York and France and completed her last run, at New York, on 31 July 1919. She was decommissioned and returned to the Shipping Board on 18 August 1919.