Sac City Str


Sac city

(Str: dp. 6,735; 1. 401'; b. 54'; dr. 24'5"; s. 12 k.;
cpl. 65)

Sac City (No. 3861) was built in 1918 by the American International Shipbuilding Corp., Hog Island, Philadelphia, Pa. She was taken over by the U.S. Shipping Board and commissioned in the Naval Overseas Transportation Service on 6 January 1919. On the 30th of January, she sailed for Montevideo, arriving on 1 March, and then proceeded to Gibraltar. Sac City departed Gibraltar on 26 May and upon arriving at New York, on 10 June, she commenced inactivation procedures. She was decommissioned on 17 June and was returned to the Shipping Board.