Susquehanna II ID-3016


Susquehanna II

(ID. No. 3016: dp. 17,857; 1. 520'; b. 58'1", dr. 28'; s.
14 k.; cpl. 514; a. 4 6, 2 1-pdrs., 2 rug.)

The second Susquehanna (ID. No. 3016), ex-Rhein, was built in 1899 by Blohm and Voss, Hamburg, Germany, and operated as a passenger steamship by the North German Lloyd Lines. Upon the outbreak of World War I, she sought refuge in the port of Baltimore and was formally seized there when the United

States entered the war. The ship was overhauled reconditioned, fitted out as a transport, and commissioned at Norfolk on 5 September 1917.

Susquehanna was attached to the Cruiser and Transport Force and made eight round trips to Europe before the Armistice, transporting 18,348 troops. After the Armistice, she made seven more voyages to France and returned 15,537 passengers to the United States.

Susquehanna was placed out of commission on 27 August 1919 and turned over to the United States Shipping Board for disposition.