Suitland YF-336



(YF-336 : dp. 650 (f.); 1. 132'6~ ; b. 30'0 ; dr. 8'; s.
10 k.(tl.); cl. YF-269)

YF-S36, A covered lighter, was laid down in July 1942 by the Erie Concrete ~ Steel Supply Co., at Erie, Pa.; launched the following October; and completed in April 1943. For the next three years, she was assigned to the 3d Naval District at New York City. In May 1946, YF-330 was reassigned to the Potomac River Naval Command, later redesignated the Naval District of Washington. After serving in that area from May 194G to March 1965, she was fittingly named Suitland after one of Washington's suburbs. She received that name on 8 June 1965, three months after moving to duty in the 5th Naval District at Norfolk, Va. In April 1971, Suitland was redesignated a diving tender YDT-15 and, as of March 1974, is still in service at Norfolk.