Stephen R Jones ID-4526


Stephen R. Jones
(Id. No. 4526: dp. 10,200; 1. 354'2"; b. 49'; dr. 23'; s.
10 k.; cpl. 71; a. 2 3")

Stephen R. Jones was built in 1915 by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Newport News, Va. The ship was owned and operated by the Boston firm, Crowell Thurlow, as the cargo ship SS Stephen R. Jones. She was acquired by the Navy at Philadelphia, Pa., on 3 May 1918 and commissioned as a Naval Overseas Transportation Service ship. She was immediately refitted for naval service; loaded with a cargo of Army supplies; and ordered to Norfolk.

Stephen R. Jones joined a convoy at Hampton Roads and sailed for France on the 18th. She arrived at Brest on 5 June but, due to the congestion of shipping there, was routed to Bordeaux to off-load her cargo. She returned to Philadelphia on 10 July; loaded supplies, and returned to St. Nazaire on 18 August. After unloading, she moved to Le Verdon for ballast and departed there with a convoy on 25 August bound for Philadelphia. The cargo ship made two more round trips to France and arrived at Philadelphia from the latter on 3 March 1919.

Stephen R. Jones was routed to Virginia; and, on 8 March 1919, she was decommissioned and returned to her owner at Newport News.