Scourage II


Scourge II
(Sch: t. 110; cpl. 50; a. 1 long 32, 8 short 12's)

The British ship, Lord Nelson, was captured on Lake Ontario by the United States brig, Oneida, in May 1812. She was renamed Scourge and put into Commodore Chauncey's squadron on the upper lakes in October.

Under command of Sailing Master Jospeh Osgood, Scourge actively participated in the attacks on York (now Toronto), Canada, on 27 April 1813 and on Fort George, Canada, on 27 May 1813.

During the engagement on Lake Ontario with the British squadron on 8 August 1813, a sudden squall caused two ships, Hamilton and Scourge, to capsize and sink. Only 16 men were saved from the two ships.