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(Galley: 1. 51'9"; b. 15', d. 5'8"; cpl. 28; a. 1 24-pdr.,
5 or 6 how. )

The first Savannah was one of a number of small vessels authorized by an Act of Congress, approved 4 May 1798, to be used as Naval Militia training craft and for harbor defense. The Savannah class was designed by Joshua Humphreys and built at Savannah, Gal, by John Patterson.

The Savannah was placed in service on 20 March 1799, with "Captain of a Galley" John F. Randolph in command. The Galleys were placed under the immediate command of Major General Pinekney on 19 April 1799.

The Savannah was sold out of service on February 1802.