Saluda IX-87


(IX-87: dp. 92; 1. 89'; b. 18'; dr. 10'8"; s. 9 k.; cpl. 10)

Saluda (IX-87) was built in 1938 by Henry B. Nevins, Inc., City Island, N. Y., as the wooden-hulled yawl-rigged yacht, Odyssey, acquired by the Navy on 31 July 1942 from Mrs. Barklie Henry of Old Westbury, N. Y., converted to diesel auxiliary power in August and September at Port Everglades, Fla.; and placed in service on 17 October.

Saluda was assigned to the Port Everglades Section Base under the administrative control of the Commandant, 7th Naval District and remained there for outfitting. She was commissioned on 20 June 1943, Lt.(jg.) Edward F. Valier in command, and assigned to the Bureau of Ordnance for experimental work at the Underwater Sound Laboratory, New London, Conn. In December, she sailed south to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, and thence proceeded to various Caribbean ports before returning to Mayport, Fla., for overhaul during the summer of 1944.

In August, Saluda was ordered back to New London and duty with the Sound Laboratory. She continued operations there until she was decommissioned and placed in service in October 1945, to be retained at New London under the operational control of the Commandant, 3d Naval District.

Saluda was recommissioned on 20 May 1946 for further service as an experimental test vessel. She engaged in hydrographic work with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, Massachusetts until September and then returned to New London for duty at the Sound Laboratory through December. Again decommissioned and placed in service on 7 January 1947, Saluda remained at New London under district control until transferred to the 11th Naval District on 8 January 1948. On 26 May, she entered the Thames Shipyard for overhaul preparatory to sailing for the west coast.

Saluda departed from New London on 16 June and arrived at San Diego, Calif., in July to begin a long career of service with the Naval Electronics Laboratory. Operating as a silent platform, she is used in tests on experimental SONAR equipment and techniques developed for undersea warfare. On 29 June 1968, she was reclassified YAG-87. Saluda continues this service for the Navy into 1974.