St Mary's I


St. Mary's I

(Gal.: Ibp. 52'; b. 15'; dph. 5'8"; cpl.28; a. 1 24-pdr., 5 how.)

The first St. Mary's a galley, was built on the St. Marys River in Georgia in 1798. One of seven galleys constructed and equipped by the Navy for operation under the War Department on coast defense duty during the Quasi-War with France, St. Mary's officers were appointed by the Secretary of the Navy, while the remainder of her crew was composed of local recruits.

Commanded by Captain of a Galley John Braddock St. Mary's cruised off the Georgia coast from 1798 to 1801 to protect local commerce and coastal settlements from armed French vessels operating in the area. She was transferred to the Revenue Cutter Service in 1802.