Sublette County LST-1144


Sublette County

(LST-1144: dp. 3,960; 1. 328'; b. 50'; dr. 11'2; s.
11.6 k.; cpl. 119; trp. 147; a. 8 40mm.; cl. LST - 42)

LST-1144 was laid down on 3 February 1945 by the Chicago Bridge and Iron Co., Seneca, Ill.; launched on 2 May 1945; sponsored by Mrs. Evelyn B. Adams; and commissioned on 28 May 1945, Lt. T. R. Hopkins, USNR, in command.

LST-1144 loaded supplies at New Orleans; moved to Mobile, Ala., three days later; and sailed for Galveston, Tex., on 7 June. Her shakedown cruise was held in Galveston Bay, from 10 to 20 June, and she returned to the yard at New Orleans for five days before moving to Mobile for further drydocking. Ready for sea, the 1144 departed, on 4 July, with three other LSTs en route to Hawaii.

LST-1144 transited the Panama Canal on 12 July and arrived at Kanoche Bay, Oahu, on 1 August. She was there when hostilities with Japan ceased. Subsequently ordered to return to her port of origin, she sailed on 23 August to return her cargo to the depot where it had been loaded. The ship transited the Panama Canal on 14 September, and she arrived at Mobile on 20 September. The LST moved to New Orleans the following week after unloading her cargo.

LST-1144 stood out of New Orleans on 13 October and proceeded up the Mississippi River to Cairo, Ill., to participate in the Navy Day celebration there. She returned to New Orleans on 4 November; moved to Mobile a week later for two days in drydock; and sailed for Little Creek, Va., on the 11th. Upon arrival at Little Creek on 23 November, the ship was assigned to Service Force, Atlantic Fleet at Norfolk. She operated from there on training and logistics missions until August 1954 when she was placed in commission, in reserve. The ship was placed out of commission, in reserve, on 11 February 1955 with the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. On 1 July 1955, LST-1144 was formally named Sublette County to commemorate a county in Wyoming.

Sublette County was struck from the Navy list on 1 June 1960. She was activated, in January 1961, and overhauled in preparation for transfer to the Republic of China. She was transferred to that government in September 1961 and served as Chung Yek (LST-1144).