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Robert E Peary DE-132


Robert E. Peary

(DE-132: dp. 1,590 (f.); 1. 306'0"; b. 36'7"; dr. 12'3"; s. 21 k.;
cpl. 216; a. 3 3", 6 40mm., 10 20mm., 2 dct., 8 dcp.,
1 dcp. (h.h.)i cl. Edsall)

Robert E. Peary (DE-132) was laid down 30 June 1942 by the Consolidated Steel Co., Orange, Tex.; launched 3 January 1943, sponsored by Mrs. Robert Edwin Peary; and commissioned 31 May 1943, Lt. Comdr. Kerfoot B. Smith in command.

Following shakedown off Bermuda, Robert E. Peary made her first run as a convoy escort to North Africa, arriving at Casablanea 13 August. By the end of the year, she had made two more runs to Casablanea, and was returning to New York with her third westbound convoy.

Early in 1944, Robert E. Peary crossed the Atlantic with a "hunter-killer" group, and upon returning to the United States shifted to the northern sealanes. Between 28 March 1944 and 7 June 1945, she escorted 10 convoys to the United Kingdom and, after June 1944, to France.

While returning to New York on 2 March 1945, Robert E. Peary and Hammann (DE 131) were diverted to aid two merchant ships which had oollided. After the destroyer escorts rescued survivors, Hammann stood by SS Lone Jack, while Peary escorted SS Frontenac Victory to New York, arriving on the 6th.

Ordered to the Pacific Fleet on completion of her last Atlantic run on 7 June 1945, Robert E. Peary underwent overhaul and was en route to t.he Pacific when the war with Japan ended. Redireeted to New London for duty with the Medieal Research Department, she conducted binoenlar experiments, then proceeded to Green Cove Springs, Fla., where she arrived on 11 January 1946 and decommissioned 13 June 1947. Transferred to the Norfolk berthing area in 1959, she remained in the Atlantic Reserve Fleet until struck from the Navy list 1 July 1966. She was sold to Lipsett, Ine., New York, N.Y., 6 September 1967.