Dale W Peterson DE-337


Dale W. Peterson

Dale William Peterson, born 18 November 1919 in I St. Joseph, Mo., enlisted in the Naval Reserve 26 March 1940 for aviation training. Commissioned as Ensign 6 April 1941, he reported to Fighting Squadron 6, 12 May 1941, and flew with that group until his death 8 May 1942 during the Battle of the Coral Sea. Ensign Peterson was awarded the Navy Cross for distinguished service in intercepting enemy bombers attacking his carrier 20 February 1942, and was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions during the Battle of the Coral Sea in which he gave his life.

(DE-337: dp. 1,200; 1. 306'; b. 36'7"; dr. 8'7"; s. 21
k., cpl. 186, a. 3 3", 3 21" tt., 8 dcp., 1 dcp. (hh.), 2
dct.; cl. Edsall)

Dale W. Peterson (DE-337) was launched 22 December 1943 by Consolidated Steel Corp., Orange, Tex.; I sponsored by Mrs. N. F. Peterson, mother of Ensign Peterson, and commissioned 17 February 1944, Lieutenant Commander A. A. Hero USNR, in command.

Arriving at Norfolk 19 April 1944 Dale W. Peterson was assigned to train nucleus crews. Between 1 July and 27 September she made two trans-Atlantic voyages escorting convoys to the Mediterranean, then from 1 November lD-44 to 3 June 1946 Dale W. Peterson operated between New York and the United Kingdom and France, making five crossings. She sailed from New York 24 June for training at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, and the West Coast, arriving at San Diego 1 August. Underway the next day for Pearl Harbor she arrived as the war in the Pacific was fast coming to a close and on 2 September, the day of signing of the Japanese surrender, Dale W. Peterson was ordered to return to the east coast. On 29 October she arrived at Green Cove Springs, Fla., and was placed out of commission in reserve there on 27 March 1946.