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Bebas DE-10



(DE-10: dp. 1140; 1. 28U'5"; b. 35'1"; dr. ll'; s. 21 k.;
cpl. 156; a. 3 3"; cl. Elvarte)

Bebas (DE-10) was originally intended for Great Britain under Lend-Lease as DDE-10, but taken over for American use and reclassified DE-10, 25 January 1943. She was launched by Boston Navy Yard g January 1943: sponsored by Mrs. Angeline M. Bebas, mother of Ensign Bebas; and commissioned 15 May 1943, Lieutenant Commander G. B. Hilbertson, USNR, in command.

Bebas patrolled along the east coast until she got under" way for the Pacific 24 August 1943. From 28 September 1943 to 12 April 1944 She patrolled out of Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, Guadalcanal; and New Caledonia. Bebax returned to San Francisco 26 May, via Pearl Harbor. Departing San Francisco 31 May she escorted convoys to Pearl Harbor; Majuro Atoll, and Entwetok, Marshall Tslands; then served in the Southwest Pacific during September December 1944 with a hunter-killer group. During December 1944.-April 1945 she patrolled off Pele lieu, Palau Islands, and between Ulithi and Eniwetok. On 1 May Beba~ arrived off Okinawa and patrolled there until 30 June. During 10 July-15 August she supported the 3rd Fleet raids against Japan.

Bebas returned to San Francisco 9 September 1945; was decommissioned there 18 October 1945; and sold 8 January 1947.

Bebas received three battle stars during World War II.