Short Splice AK-249


Short Splice

(AK-249: dp. 2,460; 1. 338'3"; b. 50', dr. 21', s. 12 k.; cpl. 85; e. Alamosa; T. C1 M-AV1)

Short Splice (AK-249) was laid down as MC hull 2464 on 15 January 1945 by Consolidated Steel Corp. Wilmington, Calif.; launched on 3 March 1945; sponsored by Mrs. A. O. Wiese; and delivered to the United States Steamship Lines on 18 May 1945.

Short Splice was acquired and operated by the Army until 1 March 1950 when she was transferred to the Navy. She operated with the Military Sea Transportation Service, carrying cargo for military bases. Until 5 March 1959, she called at almost every European port as well as ports along the Atlantic western coast from Goose Bay, Labrador, to the Panama Canal Zone. She then operated from New Orleans, carrying supplies ammunition, and vehicles to Panama, Key West, San Juan, P.R.; and Kingston, Jamaica.

On 3 November 1966, Short Splice moved to the Far East, and a crew of Koreans was assigned to man her. She made supply runs to Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and the Philippine Islands. On 30 March 1973, the Korean crew was replaced by American merchant seamen, but her area of operations did not change. On 20 June 1973, while at Sasebo, she was transferred to the Maritime Administration for disposal.

Short Splice was sold to Fuji Marden Co. Ltd., Hong Kong, B.C.C., on 31 July 1973 and scrapped.