The US deploys

US bombers

The American army was not prepared to intervene in the Korean War, and had to improvise to send forces. The first to arrive was air power. Ground forces were sent in as theyarrived, and were not successful in holding back the North Koreans.

American forces were being deployed to Korea as fast as they could be moved, but, unfortunately, there was no time to properly deploy them. As soon as they arrived in the country, they were deployed. The troops did little to stop North Korean troops. They would await the arrival of North Korean troops. When they would open fire, the Koreans would stop and send infantry to flank the Americans, and they would be forced to withdraw. There was hope that the Communists could be stopped at the Kum River, but the North Koreans rapidly bypassed the American defenders and forced a withdrawal.

The Americans attempted to hold the city of Taejon. General Dean commanded troops on the front near Taejon, and found himself in the city when North Korean tanks broke into the city. Dean stayed in the city and helped to track down North Korean tanks in the city. It was clear, however, that they would not be able to hold the city for long. As they withdrew, however, the North Koreans ambushed American forces. They broke out of the ambush, and a group of soldiers, led by Dean, headed South. Dean was separated from the rest of the men, and for 25 days he attempted to make it to American lines. He was finally captured, and spent the war in captivity. The southern withdrawal continued. Despite naval bombardment and aerial attacks, the North Koreans continued their advance.