Walker US Commander

General Walker

As the North Koreans continued to advance, large numbers of American troops were now pouring into the shrinking Pusan perimeter. The American commander on the ground became General Walton Walker. He was going to stabilize the lines: there would be no "Korean Dunkirk." Instead, he stated: "We are fighting a battle against time. There will be no more retreating, withdrawal, or readjustment of the lines or any other term you choose. There is no line behind us to which we can retreat. "Every unit must counterattack to keep the enemy in a state of confusion. There will be no Dunkirk, there will be no Bataan; a retreat to Pusan would be one of the greatest butcheries in history. "We must fight until the end. Capture by these people is worse than death itself. We will fight as a team. If some of us die, we will die fighting together. Any man who gives ground may be personally responsible for the death of thousands of his comrades."